Meet Kat


A culinary and lifestyle blog. Aspiring pastry chef, avid dog lover, & adventure seeker.


Hey there! It’s Kat. Originally from Gainesville, Florida I now claim St. Petersburg my home as I finish my business management degree. Upon completion of my degree, I hope to attend pastry school in Paris. This blog documents some of my travels and shares some of my favorite recipes.



I love the culinary spectrum as a whole, but cooking is more forgiving. Baking and pastry requires precision and balance, yet the decorating and assembly can be artistic and creative. It’s my outlet of expression, and it’s cathartic. When I’m in the kitchen, that’s my focus: to create something beautiful, and in that moment nothing else matters.


Food is a powerful storyteller. She can be nostalgic and take us back to family and tradition, or she can be unexpected and exciting. I strive to make something that goes beyond nourishment, that not only satisfies the stomach but also the soul.


Do what you love and don’t look back. Enjoy!